Leed's Introduces Mobile Website

02/24/2011 2:48 PM | Jolie Porter

Leed’s, a member of Polyconcept North America, has launched a mobile version of its website, making it available on the go through mobile phones.  Key features customers routinely use on leedsworld.com are also available on the mobile site. 

Those features include product searches, inventory inquiries, and freight estimates.  Product sections that are available on Leed’s website are among the features of the mobile version, as well.  Users can choose to browse clearance, promotions, and brand products when accessing the web from a mobile phone.  In addition, users have the opportunity to quickly access product images as well as the ability to send a personalized email message that includes a link to a product suggestion.

To use Leed’s mobile website, simply visit www.leedsworld.com from your mobile phone.

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